Tread Cooling and Winding Line

Tread Cooler and Winder/ Tread Cooling line/ Tread Completion Line

Technical Parameters:
1. Type of the tread(max width): 350mm
2. Type of the tread(max thinckness): 25mm
3. Fetch and the feed equipment(feeding belt width): 500mm
4. Fetch and the feed equipment(motor power): 1.5kw
5. Up and down spray feeding belt(feed width): 500mm
6. Spray feed length(up): 9000mm
7. Spray feed length(middle): 9500mm
8. Spray feeding belt: 3kw
9. Overall dimension: (L×W×H)10000×800×1200

1. It can also be equipped with tire sheet rolling equipment or synchronized cutting equipment.
2. Mitsubishi controls and electrical systems