Motocycle Tire Building Machine

Tire Production Machine/ Motorcycle Tire Producer/ Tire line

Technical Parameters:
1. Tire size range: 8"-28"
2. Speed of the building drum: 25-140 R/min
3. Max width tire tire face: 220 mm
4. Max thickness tire sheet range: 25mm
5. Max of the tire cord fabric width: 400 mm
6. Max diameter of the cord fabric: 500mm
7. Max diameter of the tire: 680mm
8. Dring powerof the main motor: 1.5kw
9. Air pressure: 7kg/cm2
10. Dring power of the conveying cloth system: 0.75x2kw
11. Conjugating form of the molding drum and main unit (8~12)(14~18)(18~28)
12. Overall dimension (LxWxH): 2280x2210x1650mm
13. Weight: 2000kg