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Horizontal Bias Cutter

Rubber Cutter/ Bias Cutting Machine/ Binding Cutter

The horizontal bias cutter is a highly automated cutting unit that can cut tire cords for bicycle tires, motorcycle tires and car tires.

Main Technical Parameters:
Semi-auto. cutter Auto. cutter
Max width of cord fabric roll 1500mm 1500mm
Max diameter of cord fabric roll 960mm 1000mm
Cutting width 150-1500mm 100-1500mm
Cutting times 20(Cuts)/min Max×18(Cuts)/min
Cutting angle range 0°-45° 0°-45°
Rotating speed of cutter 4000r/min 5200r/min
Feeding speed 5-10m/min 0-60m/min
Travel of sliding frame 2250mm 2450mm
Dimensions(8m 10m 12m) 10385/12385/14385×4360×2160 11380/13380/15380×4360×2160