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Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

Cold Extruder/ Rubber Extruder/ Cold Fed Extrusion

The cold feed rubber extruder is used for extruding half-finished rubber products such as tire treads, rubber pipes, inner tubes, cables and feeding rubber, etc.

1. Cold fed extrusion saves energy by operating without heating the rubber prior to extrusion.
2. Rubber materials with stationary temperature and viscosity can be fed continuously with high precision and homogeneity.
3. Mounting the extruder has nothing to do with the compound-preparation workshop, more suitable for the company without a mixing workshop.
4. More uses, the extrusion head or screw can be changed to extrude different kinds of rubber products.

Main Technical Parameters:
Type XJW-90 XJW-120 XJW-150
Screw Dia.(mm) 90 120 150
Max. Screw Speed (r/min) 45 40 35
Feeding Roll Dia. (mm) 72 120 120
Motor Model & Power Motor Z4, the power will be decided according to the extrusion head equipped.
Zone of Hot Water Circulating 3-4 3-4 3-4
Max. Total Power of Hot Water Circulation Heating (KW) 48 48 48
Capacity (Kg/h) It will be decided according to the extrusion head equipped.
Overall Dimensions(mm) (Without extrusion head and hopper) 3045x2052x1453 4250x2290x1490 4277x2211x1503
Weight (Kg) 5000 5500 8000