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Vacuum Rubber Molding Press

Rubber Press Machine, Rubber Vulcanizing Press, Rubber Press, Rubber Hydraulic Press, Rubber Vulcanizer

Applicable Products:
The vacuum rubber molding press is used in the production of auto parts, rubber fasteners, cookware, industrial rubber and a wide range of other rubber products.

1. Dual power individual circuit design, stable, quiet, low failure rate, two axes can be operated simultaneously.
2. Front mold is suitable for variety 2-layers or multi-layers molds.
3. Lift and clamping mold speed can be adjustable, accuracy and reliability.
4. Out-In mold positioning accuracy
5. Vacuum chamber can reach 650-700mmHg within 5 seconds.
6. Has a fast, slow correction mode selection function, so that the mold can be correction more accurate, more secure.
7. Machine structure has gone through pressure and strain analysis. It has a long service life.
8. Special designed hot plate with a uniform distribution of temperature to ensure the molding quality.

Main Technical Parameters:
Specification Parameters Specification Parameters Specification Parameters
Mold-locking force 200 TON Opens the files most greatly 300mm Mold use thickness 50~150mm
Max.working pressure 210 kg/cm2 Motor power 18.3kwx2 Main engine horsepower 15HPX6P(11.2KW)
Main engine piston diameter 360mm Thermo plate dimension 505×510mm Vacuum horsepower VC-75(1.85KW/50Hz)
Max.stroke 250mm Mold frame plate size 500×500mm Fuel tank volume 700L