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Pre-Cured Tread Hydraulic Press

Tread Press, Tire Tread Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Press, Tire Tread Machine

The machine is applicable for vulcanizing all kinds of rubber and plastic model and non-model products.

1. The pre-cured tread hydraulic press features dual-action cylinders with movable beams, which rise and fall quickly to generate the opening force, reducing electricity consumption and preventing hydraulic pressure oil from getting hot
2. Pneumatic rotating mechanism is adopted to achieve multi-step deflation
3. Automatic mold forward/backward, or squared axis cantilever hanging heating platen applicable for rapid left and right feeding and discharging by adding a clamping robot
4. PLC controlled
5. Unit surface pressure no less than 45kg/cm² to ensure the density of the tire tread
6. Multiple layer and table options

Main Technical Parameters:
Model XLB-DQ5000X400X3 XLB-DQ5486X508
Total pressure (mn) 10.00 850X2
Heating platen size(mm) 5000X400 5486X508X80
Platen gap(mm) 150 400
Working layer 3 1
Piston stroke(mm) 450 400
Motor power( kw) 11+5.5 15.0X2+11