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Fully Automatic Rubber Soles Compression Molding Machine

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Operation Design:
1. One operator can handle multiple stations to minimize operating costs.
2. Auto sliding devices at moving mold plates make operation easy.
3. Auto inter-lock protection system for two-side simultaneous operation.
4. Mold change is simple and fast just by fixing the bottom mold plate at the sliding seat.
5. Every station is fit with an independent operating control. Each station can be switched on/of according to production or maintenance schedules.

Auto sliding in/out and inside-tuming design for molds

High Productivity:
Every station has two molds with two-side operation

Mold For Production:
1. Traditional hot-compressed rubber molds can be utilized on the machine.
2. Clamping system is with direct hydraulic press; molds with different height can be adopted directly.
3. Automatic sliding devices for mold opening / closing is equipped to avoid mold damage caused by collision and to minimize cost of operation.

Plate Vulcanizing Press:

Machine Form: Column or Frame

Technical Parameters:
1. Type: XLB-DQ450x450MM
2. Total pressure: 1.50MN
3. Plate size: 450x450mm
4. Plate clearance: 180MM
6. Working layer number: 2
7. Piston stroke: 360mm
9. Piston diameter:300mm
12. Electric heated platens
13. Rough degree of hot plate surface : Ra ≤ 1.6 μ m (surface finish)
14. Material: #45 grade steel (1045)
15. Platen is one piece plate steel (no welding)
16. Piston (ram) hardness : 68-72 Shore C
18. Electric: Siemens and Schneider
19. Working Temperature: 180 –200