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Rubber Gasket Cutter

Gasket Cutter/ Gasket Splicer/ Rubber Cutter

Technical Parameters:
1. Cutting efficiency: >120times/min
2. Rotational speed of operation: 0~2500r/min
3. Cutting precision: ≤±0.03mm
4. Cutting diameter: Φ10mm~Φ260mm
5. Cutting length: standard type≤140mm. Extended Edition≤400mm
6. Cutting wall thickness: ≤20mm
7. Consumption amount of compressed air: 20L/min
8. Air pressure: 0.5mpa~0.8mpa
9. Working vacuum degree: ≤-0.035mpa
10. Power supply: AC220V ± 5%
11. Total power: 2kw
12. Equipment weight: 580kg
13. Equipment dimensions (L*W*H): 1750mm*750mm*1600mm

Other Term:
1. Total price: USD9800
2. Delivery time: 45days
3. Payment term: FOB
4. Payment :The deposit is 30%T/T of whole price as downpayment,Then the balance 70% of whole price should be paid before delivery by T/T
5. Packing wooden case
6. Port of shipment: Qingdao
7. The quotation is valid for one months after the issued date of this quotation

Quality Guarantee:
1. The quality guarantee period is one year after delivery.
2. Under guarantee period, our company will change or repair the damaged equipment for free if they have deficiency of design or manufacture.