Rubber Autocalve

Rubber Vulcanizer/ Vulcanizing Unit/ Autoclave

Design Principles:
Safe: design, production, manufacturing, inspection in strict accordance with the GB150-2001 "pressure vessel manufacturing standards"
Advanced: advanced manufacturing technology, excellent welding technology, the world famous brand electrical components, rational design
Energy: energy ratio calculation of every equipment, energy consumption, temperature, pressure, time optimization collocation, low consumption and high efficiency
Personalized: according to technology needs the user customized products, fully meet the unique product performance requirements. Optimized collocation, convenient operation

Technical Parameters:
Design temperature (c): 180℃
Design pressure : 0.85MPA
Inner diameter: 1200mm
Effective length: 6000MM
Total volume : 7m3
Material: Q345R
Thickness: 8mm
Heating form: Steam
Open the door : Door hand
Seal: inflatable silicone seal (the service life of 1-2 years)
Mode of automatic control: the PLC computer automatic control
Thermal insulation: external double-layer insulation
Safe mode: can door double safety interlock, tank three safety interlock
Alarm : EHV automatic alarm, automatic pressure relief valve
The temperature uniformity : ± 1-2 ℃
Pressure error is less than ± 0.01Mpa
The track label, bearing: No. GB12, > 4 tons

Control Procedures:
1.The curing temperature, pressure, time using the intelligent automatic control. Is a new type of energy-saving curing equipment, and efficient environmental protection, our company successfully developed, equipment does not need manual operation, to achieve a good effect in the automatic operation. Curing program design for automatic temperature, automatic heat preservation (can be set to 8 heating insulation stage), automatic pressure, automatic unloading, automatic control of curing time. Can be arbitrarily modified curing time, curing temperature, curing pressure. Without the operator set working procedures, work time can be directly run, save labor, energy consumption, enterprise integrated production cost can be reduced by more than 35%.

2. Temperature Control
The intelligent computer automatic control, through the temperature data collected by temperature sensor in the tank is transmitted to the computer control box, and the LCD screen in real time display numerical tank temperature, convenient and intuitive. The working temperature can be set independently according to the required temperature. In the work below the automatic open valve heating temperature, automatically close the valve temperature, ensuring the accuracy and stability of temperature in tank. Numerical display temperature, convenient and intuitive, easy operation personnel watch. According to the process of different products, users can set their own vulcanization process and procedures. (can be set to 8 heating insulation section)

3. Pressure Control
The intelligent computer automatic control, through the collection tank pressure sensor pressure data to the computer control box. Set the working procedure, the pressure in the tank through the automatic valve control. Work below the set pressure automatic pressure compensation, is higher than the set pressure relief automatically, so that the tank pressure to maintain the scope of work. 2 flange opening type safety valve, automatic opening to the maximum working pressure, and ensure the security. Design of ultra high pressure automatic alarm device, safety.

4. Time Control
The intelligent automatic control, can be set to 8 heating insulation stage, each stage of the time setting range is between 0-999 minutes. The curing time after the end of the automatic stop and alarm tone.

Main Technical Introduction:
1. Plus Heat and Heat Robin Ring

Direct steam heating: the steam into the steam from the tank bottom, the inlet is arranged on the bottom of the tank, the inlet is controlled by automatic valves. Vapor diffusion tubes are arranged vertically in the tank bottom, the diffusion tube steam holes according to certain rules and tilt angle are arranged densely, ensure that the steam into the uniform temperature in the tank after the spread to the surrounding, to prevent uneven heating, uniform temperature in the tank is not dead. Set the working procedure, the control system automatically boost, heating, insulation, vulcanization, relief work, after work, automatically close the valve and send out sound and light alarm tone. Autoclave temperature uniformity, constant pressure, the tank products due to temperature and pressure caused by uneven, product quality is not the same.

2. Fast Open The Door
Manual fast open door, open the door can realize rotation handwheel tank door open or closed, the operation steps of single can easily complete the switch door. This design is the most advanced open style and philosophy. Never deformation, safe use and quick, simple operation, high efficiency and worry. When the power can be a normal switch tank door

3. Tank The Door Double ANN All Even the Lock
The tank door with double safety interlock to prevent equipment with pressure at work, no safety accident workers mistakenly opening door caused. Completely solve the safety problems caused by the misoperation of the workers and other reasons. The design of equipment 2 sets of safety interlocking device in the tank door, detailed as follows: (1), automatic pressure safety interlocking device: when the tank pressure reaches 0.01Mpa, pressure suspension safety chain automatically locked tank door. As long as the tank pressure cannot open the tank door, prevent security risk caused by the misoperation of the workers. (2), a manual safety interlocking device: only close manual linkage valve work, the tank can charge pressure boost heating, otherwise unable to form a pressure tank. The door must first open the manual chain, otherwise it can not open the tank door. Ensure that the tank door only in without pressure to open the tank door, as long as the pressure inside the tank, even the misoperation of the workers can not open the tank door, completely solve the hidden trouble of safety workers misoperation.

4. Temperature
The external thermal insulation: galvanized plate welded on the tank (around 10 years without rusting), built-in double layer heat insulation cotton. Can use external insulation, heat preservation and heat insulation cotton in the middle head, with a fixed bolt fixing insulation cotton. To ensure that the tank heat is not volatile full utilization of heat energy, reducing energy consumption, saving the use cost. The tank insulation effect is good, long time use of non deformation, convenient transportation.

5. Load Matter
Tank two rails, using 12 GB, rail steel. The bearing capacity is big, long service life, safety and convenience.

6. Safety
Six layers of safety protection device: ultra high pressure automatic alarm, automatic control of the pressure relief valve, safety valve, manual pressure relief valve, automatic pressure safety interlock, manual safety interlocking six heavy security protection system, is the most safe pressure vessels. The security problems of the maximum resolution of the user.

Main Parts:
1. PLC: Siemens
2. Temperature sensor: Americal B+B
3. Pressure sensor: HUBA of Switzerland
4. Main electrical components: Schneider