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Rubber Mixing Mill (Compact/B Type)

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1. The compact/B type rubber mixing mill is a two roll mixing mill with a compact design that is easy to install and move if necessary.
2. The machine is primarily used for plasticizing, mixing, warming and sheeting rubber materials.

Main Technical Parameters:
Item Type Dia of roll Working length of rolls(mm) Max gap(mm) Roll speed ratio Working linear speed of front roll(m/min) Capacity per. batch (kg) Motor power (kw) Overall dimension(mm) Weigh(kg)
X(S)K-400B Ø400mm 1000mm 10mm 1:1.27 20 20-35 45 2900×1900×2070 7500
X(S)K-450B Ø450mm 1200mm 15mm 1:1.27 23.2 25-50 55 3300×1700×2000 10500